Daniel Rehm

The Troll Hunters, release date January 6, 2024

Daniel's latest work is a timely thriller that keeps readers
entertained from cover to cover. 

Something had to be done. The specter of incorrigible keyboard anonymity had become a virus.

Online trolls were sapping the world of basic human courtesy, and their sentiment was spilling over into society at large.

Enter the cure, Daniel Navarro, a man who knew a little something about bullies. It was thanks to them he was destined to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

His new company, The Troll Hunters - with the aid of his best friend and crack programmer Tyler Hansen - was poised to rid the world of the scourge.

What they didn’t know, was the government, a former hunter of men, and his new boss Baron Samedi - voodoo god of death - had other far more nefarious plans for them, their company, and nearly every person who has ever touched a screen, including the most famous political troll of all time.

Let Flowers Be Flowers, published in 2022, is so frightening the author has warned readers to "get some tape to hold your head together!" 

An estranged family preparing for the annual Wisconsin gun deer hunt carries on completely unaware of how their lives were about to change forever. Motivated by greed and jealousy, eldest brother Mason Owens hatches a nefarious plan. He nearly thought of everything except the intrusion of an unknown hunter with stark raving blue eyes. When the dust settles, an historic scene sends shockwaves across the country and provides fuel for campfire stories for generations to come.

Justice, as fleeting as the search for one’s own self and twice as hard to attain. The hunter with blue eyes embarks on such a journey while punishing those he deems unworthy to enjoy the gifts of the wild. His path of discovery eventually takes him to the hidden backwoods home of Darlene Hatchka, high in the boreal forest of Northeast Minnesota. Strangely she knows who he is, and why he came to find her.

Game Warden Ross Parent, playing a hunch, determined to serve said justice becomes a wedge of unwitting cheese in a deadly game of wilderness cat and mouse.  The terrorizing chain of events that follows pits Ross alone against The Hunter, a mastermind unfettered by the elements, darkness or fear. What they find in themselves lives in all men, but only dies in most.  

“Rehm’s novel feels like a collection of three novellas. It first introduces a dispassionate boy who learns to take lives, shifts perspective to Mason’s hunting party, and then zeroes in on Ross’ investigation. The Hunter’s opening origin is effectively disturbing, and his terrifying presence pervades the novel.” Kirkus Reviews

Daniel's 2021 publication, The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PI, is a modern equivalent of the old timey radio shows that captivated a generation.

The journey begins when Philippine, a staunch city girl, takes a case that places her in an unforgiving and dangerous wilderness. Along with an expert guide, she is tasked with finding an acceptable truth regarding the disappearance of her client's beloved brother. What she discovers is that nature is not her only antagonist.

Follow her back to the comforts of the city as she investigates a classic husband gone astray situation that turns into much more than she could have ever anticipated. Question reality and enjoy the downhill ride through a declining urban mall which is earning a reputation as the place to be – if you didn't want to be anymore.

Finally, discover Philippine's childhood, and the meaning of strange, with a living skeleton, the dreaded Rougarou, and Baron Samedi, the evil voodoo master of the dead.


After what he would say was too many years in sales, Dan gave it all up to tackle a new career as an author and a freelance writer. 

Dan has successfully delivered pieces ranging from local political speeches, interviews with Medal of Honor recipients, and a number of highly personalized eulogies.

Dan gains the trust and respect of his clients by identifying their needs and expectations, gathering pertinent information, delivering text for approval, and working with the client to refine and finalize a finished product. 

Visit Dan's Body of Work page for samples of his work.

Daniel Rehm

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