About Dan

Dan began writing Let Flowers Be Flowers sometime in 2008 after he left a successful career in the industrial paint industry. He had explored several ideas for a novel and over time The Hunter character emerged. After Dan wrote about a hunting party in western Wisconsin and The Hunter's attention on their activity, and The Hunter fleeing to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, he included a prelude section to the work that helps the reader explore The Hunter's childhood. The result is an intriguing look at a sociopath's life, allowing readers to get a glimpse into the mind of a killer. 

In late 2019, Dan was asked about the work he had completed for Let Flowers be Flowers.

After writing professional letters and sales copy for customers and friends in my too long career in the paint and industrial coatings industry, I decided to leap into the unknown and become a full time writer. I made several attempts at various novels. After investing countless hours writing and questioning my very worth, I chalked up these metaphorical endless staircases to nowhere as practice for my latest work, Let Flowers be Flowers. A few kicks in the teeth later, based on reader feedback I reworked Flowers, added 13 chapters and once again feel it is ready for publishing. 

Since I had an interest in screen writing at the time, Flowers started as a screen play, and I decided to turn it into a novel. Doing so allowed me to explore writing descriptive text of various landscapes I know very well - from the coulee area of western Wisconsin to the boreal forest of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

I have enjoyed writing Flowers because I was able to explore both character development and bringing to life the various relationships among men and their families. Exploring the sociopathic nature of a killer was an interesting twist, a character who was inspired by a deep imagination of what it is like to be a killer - what motivates a killer, what haunts a killer, and what purpose that killer believes he has in his life.

Dan began writing The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PI, in April 2020 as a means to tell more about characters that appear in Let Flowers be Flowers. He had been inspired by old radio shows that people used to listen to, and so each week he sat down to write a short episode of The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PIReaders of The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PI will find themselves in a thrilling ride as they are brought into several connected stories with non-stop action.  

Rudbeckia Petals became the home of three short stories about Philippine Maximine, and at the conclusion of each story, Dan published the short read as a book. It was after completing the third part of the The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PI, that he decided to really explore Philippine's back story, and how she and major characters from the upcoming Let Flowers be Flowers were connected. He decided that the fourth part of this series would not be published on Rudbeckia Petals, but instead, it would form the capstone to The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PI published as its own complete book. 

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The Troll Hunters began in late 2022 as Dan began to explore a continuation of The Hunter's story in a new realm and in collaboration with the Baron Samedi with soul-taking. During the period of time when Dan was writing The Troll Hunters Americans were grappling with online trolls and political chaos. Dan wrote the story as a way for readers to escape this reality to consider a thrilling world where a company was launched to address your internet troll, all the while within social, political, and spiritual upheavals. Readers will find familiarity with characters Dan has written over the years, from The Hunter to Skeleton Man and Philippine Maximine, and more. 

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